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Please be warned that dealing with fixers is at your own risk and expense. The fee depends on the type of passport you apply for. Booking online appointment system for passport application. Adults who are renewing their australian passport can use the australian passport renewal application form if the following are true. If you are thinking about applying for or renewing a u. Choose the passport service you need, along with the number of adults and minors who need appointments. Hi, for hk passport renewal, you can submit her application to chinese consulate in new york, or mail it direct to the immigration department in hong kong. How to renew your philippine passport in hong kong hong. New process for online appointment booking passport. You can search for appointments by location or date. Application for hksar passport immigration department.

How to book in online appointment system philippine. Schedule appointment with rancho cucamonga library services. Mailconfirmation online passport appointment system. This is a free reference guide that should be used to assist you in completing the application form for a canadian passport in hong kong. Enter the reference number and click on submit to get the applicant s details. I was born in hong kong, i was raised in hong kong. How to renew your british passport in hong kong hk expats. Please note that for the latter option, they require the originals of the supporting documents and collect your passport in person in hong kong. You can email your application completed epassport application form to epass. Urgent information for american citizen services applicants regarding novel coronavirus. You can set the date and time for your appointment on this form. For amendment of personal particulars in the passport, applicants should complete application form id854. Passport if you are thinking about applying for or renewing a u. Because of public health measures to prevent the spread of covid19, we have extremely limited u.

These services include promoting australias key foreign policy and trade objectives and managing australias important and dynamic relationship with the hong kong government, in addition to. Book a passport application appointment for one person. If you have emergency travel plans, or have had your passport lost or stolen before travel, make an appointment to apply in person at a passport center or agency. There are 5 steps to scheduling a new appointment at a regional agency. Appointment scheduling for consular certifications for pension insurances, proof of residency, tax refund, translation of german drivers licences for the hong kong transport department, hong kong certificate of no criminal conviction. This is to make sure we offer you the right service.

So in this case you could stay no longer than four months in hong kong assuming youd be allowed to stay that long as visitor, to have at least one month validity left when you leave. If you want to obtain a hong kong passport, you have to inform the beijing government that youve renounced your other citizenship. Apr 30, 2014 to schedule an appointment, you may visit the online appointment system online passport appointment system click here for the latest advisories on epassport issued by the department of foreign affairs, passport information. We need to ask some questions about each person who is applying for a passport. I can not find book appointment on the chinese embassy website. Phone the passport adviceline if you need a passport urgently for compassionate reasons, for example if a family member has died, or for government business. In general, all visitors to hong kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month after the period of their intended stay in hong kong. Psaissued irth ertificate, if born in the philippines or in other countries. Passport front page displaying name and passport number c. These services include promoting australias key foreign policy and trade objectives and managing australias important and dynamic relationship with the hong kong government, in addition.

Make the appointment through the national passport information center. The united states consulate general in hong kong assists american citizens in obtaining or renewing passports for both adults and children, reports of birth abroad, notarization of documents and a wide variety of other services. Select a location and enter your mobile number online. Applicants can also obtain the application forms by. My hk passport is something i cherish and feel proud to present in different countries.

You have to go to the consulate to submit passport application, therefore, youd better get the application forms from the consulate for free. Please note that adult passport renewals and passport photos do not require an appointment. Appointments take approximately 15 minutes per person. Choose your preferred time and click on the book appointment button number of slots will be displayed under the time. Getting a hong kong passport, becoming a chinese national. The passport for british dependent territories citizen hong kong passport, which is an older type of british passport disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. Feature article by the hong kong government on making appointment for apply travel documents online including hksar passport, reentry permit, document of identity forvisa purposes, and hong kong seamans identity book.

To make, change, or cancel an appointment, please visit the american citizen services appointment system. You will need to submit both a ds64 statement regarding a lost or stolen passport and a ds11 passport application form to the agency. A person is eligible to apply for a hong kong special administrative region hksar passport if heshe is. The period for passport collection will be extended. In one booking, you can make appointment for up to two types of travel documents e. In this pack you will find all canada passport requirements. For children under 16 years of age to apply for hksar passport in hong kong. Passport online appointment how to make an appointment. Because of public health measures to prevent the spread of covid19, the u. For conventional renewal applications, please submit the following. Application for hksar passport for children under 16 years. As per the new process, appointment datetime will be automatically allotted by the system as per the availability of appointment slots at the desired psk. In one booking, you can make appointment for up to two types of travel. Report of marriage issued by the philippine consulate general if married in hong kong, and photocopy.

Appointments are required for all routine consular services. We will advise you of the approximate waiting time when you visit the visa application centre as we will accept these applications on a firstcome, first served basis. Introduction the process for booking psk appointments through passport seva online portal has undergone a few changes. To save time and effort going to the philippine consulate general in hong kong, a prior online appointment is highly recommended. Please refer to the contents of guidance notes id e 842a. Jan 10, 20 the 25 yearold had held an indian passport from birth but chose to apply for the hong kong passport when she was 15. Similar to the renewal of philippine passport in hong kong, youll have to send an email. Online appointment booking for collection of hksar. Review your personal information, the location selected and the date and time of your appointment.

To schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment, you must have the following information and documents available. If you know how to make online appointment booking for collection of hksar passport or document of identity for visa purposes, you can make the appointment through the following link. The australian consulategeneral is the face of the australian government in hong kong and offers a wide range of diplomatic and government services to advance australian interests in hong kong and macau. Application for identity card and form prefilling registration of persons offices replacement of identity card and form prefilling territorywide identity card replacement exercise application for travel documents. May, 2014 for many british passport holders in hong kong the unfortunate result has been delayed applications leading to missed holidays and high stress levels. May i know how long should a singapore passport be valid for travel to hk. Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

To make an appointment, applicants must register on the booking online website, enter the required information and their email address these are essential requirements after completing the registration procedure, the applicant will receive a confirmation email following which they will be able to access the program with their. Passport online appointment individuals who wish to apply for passports can do using the passport seva online portal. Former her majestys passport officer, colin bloomfield, has been dealing with passport applications for six years, in washington dc and more recently in hong kong. Applicants of the same appointment should turn up at the chosen office together at the selected time slot. Review all blanks in the online form and ensure that accurate and truthful information is provided. Born and brought up in india, i decided to turn in my indian passport three years ago and apply for a hong kong passport and the accompanying chinese nationality. However, documents issued to stateless persons must be valid for a minimum of two months after the period of intended stay. Simply click here to make an appoint for your uk passport or british uk visa and get acquainted with british connections hong kong services. Before you start, make sure you have in hand your current and previous passports, previous visa, employment and education information dates, addresses and complete information about the place you will visit in the u. Otherwise, please check for details in the paragraphs below. Routine passport renewal for applicants aged 16 and over step 1. In this article we have described the complete process for online passport booking.

How to apply for a passport department of foreign affairs. Fillin all the required fieldsclick request appointment. If you are want to know how to book appointment for passport online, you have landed on the right page. The system will automatically select the date and time at which the applicant will have to be present for an appointment. Canadian passport from hong kong canada immigration visa. If you dont see a time that works for you, check another location. Please note that cancelled appointments can no longer be restored or rescheduled and that fees are nonrefundable. Keep in mind that while the application process is found online, you must print and send in the information to her majestys passport office.

To schedule an appointment, you must have international travel plans within 2 weeks or within 4 weeks if you. Philippine statistics authority psa formerly national statistics office nso. Check our dedicated covid19 information page for post office closures and disruptions. Mainland travel permit for hong kong and macao residents. Appointment bookings are required for passport applications and notarial services. How to renew philippine passport in hong kong the pinoy ofw. The sooner you sign up for an appointment, the better so that you dont get stranded waiting for your. Appointment times are normally bookedout up to 1 week in advance. However, in these cases, the people were born with hong kong passports and then subsequently got the other passport. User can select the applicant s to print and click on download appointment. Use the state departments online passport appointment system at your passport agency appointment, submit your application in person. Please complete the passport application form adult renewal ds82 pdf 89 kb or minor passport ds11 pdf 101 kb in the asia pacific region, many countries require that a u.

A passport valid for travel to the united states with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the united states unless. Hong kong permanent identity ard and photocopy, for hk residents. Please book separate appointments for each applicant. We will print them too the exact specification that your government will accept. You will automatically be forwarded to the next available appointment. We invite you to create your profile and schedule your appointment for you and your family. The sooner you sign up for an appointment, the better so. This service allows you to book a fasttrack one week or premium one day passport appointment at your local passport office. Please complete the passport application form ds82 pdf 89 kb you may apply for your passport by following the instructions on this page if. Travel document will be issued on the next working day. With the implementation of elevated safe distancing measures from 7 april 2020, overthecounter passport collection service has been suspended at the ica building.

We will text you with a confirmation and provide updates as you near the front of the line. In our previous articles we have already discussed about how to apply for a fresh passport online in india and important documents required while applying for passport. Dec 07, 2018 filipinos based in hong kong who hold hong kong id. The hong kong government does not check care if you hold dual passports. This was when i had lived out of india and called hk home for 12 years. Clients without an appointment will only be seen in exceptional circumstances. Select a time from the list of appointments available. Ofws in hong kong, heres a guide how you can renew your passport at the pcg office located at the queensway, central district. Hong kong special administrative region passport wikipedia. You may select a date or time between today and 2 months in advance.

If a person in hong kong is a british citizen but not a chinese national, they can only enter the mainland with a british passport affixed with a chinese visa, although they may be eligible for brief group tourist trips to the pearl river delta and hainan province, or visits to mainland cities while in transit to and from other countries or. Alternatively, the passport is commonly referred to as the hong kong special administrative region passport chinese. If you wish to reschedule, do not cancel your appointment. Hong kong born with hk id card us citizen and passport holder. Book an appointment with australian consulategeneral hong.

Call the 24hour automated appointment system at 18774872778. It is useful for both adults and children canadian passport applications, as well as canadian passport renewal. You may book an appointment for up to 4 applicants, with a maximum of 4 applications. You can book appointments up to 4 weeks in advance. Post offices that offer passport services have set hours, and youll need to schedule an appointment using the retail customer appointment scheduler. You are required to book an appointment via the online appointment system for the application of a visa, a passport or an identification card, or other consular services. Report of irth issued by the philippine onsulate general, if born in hong kong. A window will appear with the all the information you input into the system.

Inside, i feel like my nationality is more of a hong kong person, thats why i wanted to apply for the hong kong passport, harjani explains. Schedule an appointment passport appointment system. The ministry of national security, immigration division embraces the opportunity of providing our passport appointment bookings to our customers via this website. Step 2 check your eligibility for an adult passport renewal. Enter your name, telephone number and email address. S department of state began limiting passport operations on march 20, 2020. Details on how to use the service, supporting documents, and immigration branch offices information. Slots and dates that have been booked or filled up can no longer be selectedclicked.

You are at least 16 years old at the time of application. Nov 29, 2016 if you need to renew your british passport in hong kong, you will need to follow the proper procedures in terms of applying, paying the fees, and receiving the new passport. First select the date on the calendar then choose the time. The only requirement when entering hong kong is that your passport is valid and does not expire before your intended date of departure from hong kong. If appointments are not available for the date required, applications can be mailed in or dropped off at. As of march 16, 2020, in person passport and citizenship application services are only available by appointment. May 12, 2017 booking appointment on line for chinese passport renewal thanks for the reply about renewal a chinese passport, booking appointment on line, what is the web. Please be advised that you should renew your passport months before it expires. The dfa discourages applicants from securing online appointment through fixers. Please contact the immigration department for further details.

Less than six months validity left on a passport u. Hong kong the pandemic helps promote development of telemedicine in hk telemedicine has long been regarded as one of the strategic solutions for tackling ageing population and reducing medical burden. If you would like to apply for both a passport and an identification card, you need to book two appointments, one for each document. In order to renew a hong kong passport you can mail in your information, but you are required to pick the passport up in person. How to renew your philippine passport in hong kong hk expats. General passport information passport appointment and epayment. Please schedule separate appointments for each person applying for a consular service. Applicants with scheduled appointments for the day may submit their visa applications without booking an appointment within the next 5 working days between 15. It is advisable not to purchase outbound travel tickets until your passports are actually in your possession. Appointmentsystem of the german foreign office hongkong. As a result, there will also be reduced appointment availability across all post offices on saturdays. The appointment system will open to the public on 24 february 2020, 9.

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